Zypha offers a complete virtual computing environment

Engineering the ultimate computing platform, Zypha moves all customer applications and data to our secure, company-owned private cloud in the Zypha Data Center in Tampa.

Customers simply use the Internet to access all of their programs, databases, and company files from any device, anywhere in the world! Gone are the dangers and high-cost of having expensive servers in-house.

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Zypha USA Headquarters
Zypha USA Headquarters in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Zypha Facts

  • Founded in 2008
  • Group Headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • North American office in Port Charlotte, Florida
  • Zypha group companies include:
    Zygo International (UK)
    Zypha Limited (UK)
    Zypha Corporation (US)

Hardware, Software, Support – Technology costs are expensive!

Most businesses spend big for purchasing or leasing Servers, PC’s, Laptops, and Tablets. Each one of those items have industry-standard life spans of anywhere from three to five years. That means budgeting every year for some type of major hardware replacement or buying expensive extended warranty plans. Operating System refreshes, software patch management, application updates, these are just some of the hurdles businesses have to deal with when it comes to the $400 billion software industry. Additionally, technicians are required to install and maintain the hardware, software, security, and networks in order for employees to do their daily duties. What is that cost to your business?

  • Eliminate large capital outlays for Servers and VPN networks.
  • Direct access to the Zypha support team with over 80 years of technology experience.
  • Pay only for the accounts you need. If your business is seasonal, Zypha can add or remove user accounts same day.
  • Allow employees to use their own devices (BYOD). Zypha’s virtual desktop can be installed on any laptop, tablet, and even Apple Mac’s!
  • Offer telecommuting to your employees as our virtual desktop works on home PC’s too.
  • Use less expensive computers or keep your current machines longer! Since the applications are running in the data center, there is no need to run high-performance computers.

Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Cyber attacks – when does it end?

Right Now. Keeping your data secure is more important than ever. Global news sources report almost daily about a new virus , data theft or ransom attack. These not only come as a major cost to companies affected, but business credibility is also tarnished. By moving away from a traditional client-server operation to a cloud-computing environment, you effectively eliminate the ability for hackers to gain access. Since users do not have the ability to access the core operating system or application space – viruses and malware cannot install themselves. We also have a full enterprise grade security suite protecting each server, user desktop, Exchange email, and internet search as an added precaution. Additionally, all user access to their virtual desktop is 2048-bit encrypted and routed through Enterprise-grade firewalls

That is Real Cyber Security for your business.

  • Zypha performs all software installations and updates. Users are not permitted to install software as this is the most common path for infecting a computer.
  • 2048-bit encryption – the same used by NASA and the Department of Defense.
  • Firewalls configured in High-Availability mode.
  • The Zypha Datacenter – click here for details.

Fire, Flood, Server Crash, Extreme Weather, or even Physical Theft – any one of these disasters can bring your business to a screeching halt.

Cloud computing to the rescue! Since all company data and applications are stored in a secure Data Center, it doesn’t matter what happens to your office. Everything is powered-up, running, waiting for you and your employees to log-in. The Data Center doesn’t mind much what device you use to connect or where you are connecting from. If a serious event prevents employees from working at the office, they can work from the safety of their home or other backup location and have the same access to everything that was on their local desktop or server. It’s not magic – it’s Zypha!

  • Zypha has a multi-level backup and recovery system which incorporates VEEAM – THE Industry-leading Disaster/Recovery platform provider.
  • Real-time access through Citrix.
  • Anywhere in the world access through a stable internet connection – even 4G!
  • High-Availability built into each component.
  • The Zypha Datacenter – click here for details .

Everyone has heard the term “Work smarter, not harder” right? Zypha enables you to do just that!

Using a Virtual Desktop enables telecommuting. Your employees see the same desktop, access the same programs, and work with the same data – from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. Satellite office, OK! At a Sales conference, No problem! From home with their sick child, Absolutely! Never before have you had this ability without expensive VPN devices, cumbersome security key-fobs, or software that required office PC’s or Servers to be constantly powered on waiting for a connection. Now that’s SMART!

  • No more lost productivity due to computer issues.
  • Never pay for hardware you don’t need.
  • Eliminate the limits on where/when you can work.
  • Syncing of data between your local device and the server are gone forever.
  • Enjoy the freedom of working smarter, having everything you need available, wherever you are.

From our ultra-secure logon process to automated backups, Zypha has the solution for your business - all for a low monthly cost.

Isn’t it time you stopped worrying about technology and started focusing on your business? Gone are the days of 3-5 year PC refresh cycles and paying vendors a high hourly wage to install software and configure machines. With Zypha, all applications and user data are hosted in our secure Private Cloud environment accessible from ANY internet connected PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Users depend on the storage and processing power of the Zypha Data Center, instead of their local device. As such – older PC’s and laptops almost work like new again and being able to run full versions of your company applications from a tablet or smartphone is Priceless. Local Servers are an icon from the past, and no longer will you need to worry about backups, storage, or server maintenance. Our in-house technical staff supports your business from one end of the technology spectrum to the other, with one easy phone call. Relax – Zypha has you covered!

  • One low monthly payment.
  • The end of your fear of cyber attack.
  • Someone to handle any IT issue.
  • You can focus on your business, not your IT infrastructure.
  • Spend more time at the beach.

I am a new customer of Zypha, having joined them in January, 2016.

As a small business owner and attorney, privacy, security, and efficiency are my main concerns when it comes to managing and accessing my data. Having a server on site has historically been the “best” option, but for a small business it presents various challenges. Even the simplest of tech issues can bring my business to a stand-still since it has to be handled in-house or as soon as a local professional can squeeze me into his calendar.

Moving all the data on my server to a virtual server with Zypha took away all of these problems. Icing on the cake: my clients’ information is now safer than it ever was at my office!

On the rare occasions I’ve had to make an inquiry to Zypha (so far, only for non-Zypha software issues), they’ve never taken longer than 5 minutes to respond. I can access my server from anywhere, on any device. I get privacy, security, and efficiency all for less than what it would cost on an ongoing basis to acquire and manage my own server. It’s a no-brainer.


Kenneth H.
Legal Services

With the cost of servers going up and the never ending upgrades to software Zypha offers an alternative option using only an internet connection.

You will no longer have to worry about a desktop computer, laptop or server crashing and losing all your data.

We transitioned to Zypha in the fall of 2015, I would recommend Zypha for your future technology needs and service. They have delivered the product within the timeline presented and continue to give us quality service.

Linda P.
Realtor Association

I have subscribed to Zypha about a year ago and am thrilled with their program.

This is a worry free Cloud Virtual desktop which allows you to zip through the net in a sprint.

No more waiting for updates when you turn on your computer, it will get you right where you want to be with no hassle after you login. It is a stealth virtual program that comes with the best anti virus on the planet monitoring your security 24/7.

I use it every day no matter where my business takes me, here or overseas. The speed is always incredible.

Try it, you'll like it!

Alex D.
Insurance Benefits


I just wanted to take this moment to brag on your product and your company a bit.

In using the virtual desktop you provide I have found that the combination of unparalleled speed, use of cloud technology to save my documents, and no need to replace my security software has allowed me to function in a more efficient manner!

The service I have received from you, Daryl and Rick has been professional and exemplary.

Thanks again,
Wayne B.
Insurance Agent

Hi Jason,

I am very glad I made the move to Zypha. At least I know that my clients are safe and I can access them no matter where I end up.

Everyone is so nice and helpful too. Some firms talk a lot about customer service, but Zypha actually puts it in practice.

Donna L.


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Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce
North Port Chamber of Commerce
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