Security and Disaster Recovery

Security threats are increasing daily. These can be from a ransomware attack, a physical break-in, or your facility suddenly in 2 feet of water.

The Zypha Desktop removes all these worries by placing your data in the Zypha DataCenter. When you connect to the Zypha DataCenter, you use an encrypted connection via the Citrix client (makers of the video on this page) for the best security.

The Zypha DataCenter has enterprise grade firewalls, industry standard virus protection, and controlled physical access. The Zypha DataCenter is on the 12th floor of a facility in Tampa! So are your applications and data.

Even in the unlikely event that your PC or laptop should be infected by a virus, this does not affect the Zypha DataCenter.

If a disaster does occur, log back in to the Zypha Desktop using ANY device with an Internet connection and you are back in business.