IT Service Providers Can Start Offering Cloud Desktops

Zypha is actively recruiting qualified IT service professionals to resell our flagship Virtual Private Desktop service. Members of the Zypha Channel Partnership Program can continue to maintain direct business relationships with their clients who can benefit from high quality Virtual desktop services. We are able to deliver world class, secure, versatile and cost effective virtual private cloud solutions through our very attractive Channel partnership arrangement.

For further details contact: Dave Powell or Tom Setchel at (941) 629-9742.

Progressive IT service providers and value added resellers understand the challenges of customer retention in today’s IT industry. Critical threats include shrinking server and hardware sales, diminishing support revenues and an industry trend away from Client/Network server environments to Virtual cloud environments.

The move is on. Goldman Sachs is forecasting the cloud infrastructure and platform market will grow at a 19.62% CAGR from 2015 to 2018, reaching $43B by 2018. Additionally, Forrester’s has identified that 32% of businesses polled identify hosted private cloud as their current or planned environment.

Don’t let your customers make the move on their own – help them, while preserving your own business.

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