Controlling I.T. Costs

With Zypha you no longer have to worry about upgrading or replacing your servers. You don't have to fret about upgrading PCs or buying new tablets. The processing load from your Zypha Desktop software is handled by the industrial strength servers in the Zypha DataCenter.

Partnering with Zypha allows BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Your employees can use any device they are comfortable with. PC’s, Laptops, MAC’s, tablets – they all work!

Zypha also offers the 10Zig. The 10Zig is an thin-client appliance (a bare bones computer to allow access to the Zypha Desktop). The 10Zig has a very low cost of entry.

You only pay a flat rate per user and can add/remove at any time. You never worry about major hardware costs.