Automatic Backup and Maintenance

Zypha offers industrial strength peace of mind.

All of the software and data on your Zypha Desktop is backed up regularly.

In the event of an accidental data loss or erasure, Zypha's tech team can get your data back.

Zypha’s virtual desktops provide users with a standardized Windows7 desktop that re-directs all user profile data to a redundant storage array. The storage system is not only fault-tolerant, but backed up three times daily within the Data Center to fully disk-based platforms (NO TAPES). We also protect our clients further by performing nightly backups to a geo-redundant Data Center in Arizona. All Zypha customers can accurately state that they have 100% of their users’ desktops covered when it comes to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.

The Zypha DataCenter uses Veeam backup software.

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